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Plex Setup for Many Simultaneous Streams

Over the past couple of days I have been compiling a bunch of already available information and personalizing it for my current and future need.

I love Plex. It does everything (for the most part) that I need it to.

I work for an educaitonal institution. We recently deployed a bunch of iPads and AppleTV 2s (with TVs) to 8 of our k-12 classrooms. Using Airplay works pretty well for media that the teachers can find online (youtube, vimeo, netflix, etc.).  Still, I needed a way to provide access to the old media that this school has collected over the years; whatever format it may be in.

Enter: Ubuntu, Plex, and CPUlimit.

I have pieced together what I believe is a viable solution that can provide many multiple simultaneous transcoding sessions to any client device from the same server.

Basically, it boils down to a headless Ubuntu 12.04 server (in this case, it was built in VMware, but physical HW would work just fine) with at least 4 high-end desktop or server grade CPU cores. I installed Plex, setup some NFS mounts, and installed CPUlimit and configured it with some associated scripts.

We are now able to successfully stream as many transcoding sessions as we have physical cores in the system (minus 2 cores for OS and other Plex processes).

In my particular current setup, the server has 8 cores and 4GB of ram. Media is stored on a network share.

If you are interested in the actual fairly straight forward instructions to setup your own server this way, click the “more” link below these two images:

Running processes before the script is enabled:

Running processes after the script is enabled:

Click here for a .txt of the instructions

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